Covid 19 Pursuit Racing Results

Monday, 31 May 2021 Off By stouty

Twenty seven boats took part in the Covid Cup series over the past nine weeks. They included 12 GPs, 10 Lasers, 3 Toppers and Solo and Streaker.

The weather varied from benign to bally awful but nevertheless there was plenty of feisty but fair racing . Boats had to complete at least 8 races to qualify for the Cup. The results are set out below :

1. Dave Beechey and Ian Patterson 15pts

2. Ian Davis 25 pts

3. Mike Dalziel 26 pts

4. Phil Pimble 35 pts

5= Jacob Blakeway

Andy Blakeway 40 pts

Congratulations to both Dave and Ian and well done to Jacob who wins the Junior Covid Cup.

Thanks to all sailors and to the race crews who turned out to ensure that the racing went ahead. Let’s hope that this is the one and only time that we sail for this cup.

Class racing returns on Saturday June 5. Look forward to seeing you as we resume our weekly sailing.