What To Bring

If you’re coming down to Trimpley for a sail, you’ll need to bring the right clothes. We’ve put a list together of what novices should wear for their first time on the water. Remember there is a small risk you could get wet, so make sure youre wearing clothes that you are happy to get wet in and you have a complete change of dry clothes and a towel.

We have buoyancy aids at the club you can borrow, and must wear when on the water. Well make sure you stay warm, stay safe and have plenty of fun!

Summer Sailing

  • If its hot and sunny you should be ok in a t-shirt and shorts. Make sure you use suncream, have a hat and sunglasses.
  • If its windy or wet (or both!) you will need some tracksuit bottoms (or shorts if not too cold) and a thin jumper as well. A waterproof coat is a must and waterproof trousers are also useful.

Winter Sailing

  • Make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes. Its best to have several thin layers.
  • Bring a couple of t-shirts and a lightweight jumper or fleece. Make sure you bring some warm trousers. You definately need a waterproof coat (and trousers if you have them) because they will keep you warm as well as dry.
  • Bring a warm hat too.

Sailing Kit

If you decide to take up sailing, you will eventually need to get some of your own special clothing. These are the sort of things we wear for sailing:

  • A wetsuit this is a must for January and February, and is recommended for December and March as the water is very cold if you get wet!
  • A rash vest
  • Wetsuit Boots
  • Personal Buoyancy Aid (you can borrow ours until you buy your own)
  • Spray Top
  • Sailing Sallopets/Trousers
  • Sailing Gloves