The Duty Roster

Duty Roster

As a club member you are required to undertake occasional duties which allow everyone to sail safely throughout the year. We use Dutyman to manage duties; duty reminders are automatically sent by email, and you can arrange swaps with other members.

If you are rostered for a duty on a date you can’t make, please sort out a swap via Dutyman as soon as you can. It’s very important you do this as soon as you can. Once a swap has been arranged please let the Flag Officer know and update the master list in the clubhouse.

Duties Explained

Flag Officer

The Flag Officer is a committee member in overall charge for the day. They open up the clubhouse, ensure everything is available to the duty crew, deal with situations as they arise and lock up at the end of the day. Because of the limited size of the committee Flag Officers are rostered for duty on a frequent basis.

Officer Of The Day (OOD)

The OOD is in charge of the racing for the day. They must arrive around half an hour before the start of the first race to set a course and brief competitors as needed. The OOD is responsible for ensuring safe and fair racing takes place in accordance with the race times published in the racing calendar.

Assistant Officer Of The Day (AOD)

The AOD helps the OOD in running the races. Duties are normally to raise/lower flags and record race times. The AOD position is generallyfilled by newer members wanting to learn how to run races. The AOD must arrive around half an hour before the first race to help the OOD set up.

Safety Boat

The safety boat driver is responsible for preparing, launching and running the safety boat through the day, responding to any incidents and making effective rescues where required, and recovery of the safety boat at the end of the day. Those on safety duty must arrive around half an hour before the start of the first race to prepare and launch the safety boat. You must be qualified to drive the safety boat, either having RYA Powerboat Level 2 or the TSC Safety Boat Endorsement.