The Duty Roster

What can you do for your club?

As a club member you are required to undertake occasional duties which allow everyone to sail safely throughout the year. We use Dutyman to manage duties; duty reminders are automatically sent by email, and you can arrange swaps with other members.

If you are rostered for a duty on a date you can’t make, please sort out a swap via Dutyman as soon as you can. It’s very important you do this as soon as you can. Once a swap has been arranged please let the Flag Officer know and update the master list in the clubhouse.

Not sure what your duty is? Check out our guide.

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To view your duty on line hover over (OPEN DUTYMAN) See below and follow the link.                                                  Open Dutyman

Click the blue link below to open a PDF Copy of the Current Duty Rota.

Please not this is for guidance only as duty swops may or will have been made after publication.

Duties 7.4.18 to 9.6.18 published copy