Sunday Coaching Begins 9th July!

Friday, 7 July 2017 Off By Neil Spokes

It’s on!  This Sunday Coaching the 9th July. Come down at 10.00 AM where we will help you rig your boats and remind you where everything is. Then we shall have the safety boat on the water to help you along. This is open to all with RYA training, come down enjoy the recent weather, bring lunch and go out in the afternoon. During the summer months, it is a great time to get used to your boat and enjoy the refreshments from the galley while chatting to the race crew. So cut the lawn on Friday and keep the weekend for sailing. A lot of laser racers are away at events over the next few weeks and with the rest of us, all taking our holidays for the next 8 weeks the water will have lots of space for you to practice. I urge you to use this time to get familiar with our club and boats and keep the Race crew busy. We always have a crew from 11.30 on Sundays come down and make our waters active this really cheers the crew.  You will find any racers will help you along while they are completing the race and you gain a great deal by following other boats. You can even see which side your sail should be on!

Oh no! Panic so what happens if I get in the way? what do I do? All experienced racers will see you and avoid you. If a rare occasion happens and it gets close they will shout “Hold your course” that means don’t panic stay on your present direction and sail settings, the experienced boat will avoid you. If you think they have not seen you shout “collision ahead”

Remember we are a friendly club who like racing but this is not the Nationals. TSC like new members more! come down and join us.

Sorry, all Juniors need a guardian while at TSC. Please get involved with setting up boats and packing away and encourage from the water side. Soon you shall be on a duty roster so get to know the club now. We always like to see photographs that we can put on our website or into our gallery so if you capture any events please pass them to Mike Stout our official web updater.