Coaching on Sunday for 2 more weeks.

Saturday, 15 July 2017 Off By Neil Spokes

Come down to Trimpley and we can remind you how to rig your boat and get you on the water. From the safety boat, we can remind you of what to do and help with the Trimpley wind shifts. Get comfortable and your boat ready to follow the race boats around in the afternoon or do your own thing knowing the assistance power boat is ready to help.

Last weekend saw a novice topper sailor in the morning to a competent race follower in the afternoon. Well done Charlotte!

A fantastic display of Laser sailing was shown by Gill Sunday. Laser racers this is one to be watched.  It looks like we may have a family of super sailors, Tomas and Mathew do not appear to be phased large wind gusts and just carry on. PS If you want to see a big smile from these two give them a bow wave off the safety boat.

I turned up at the end of racing on Saturday and it seemed all the novice sailors that went out had a great time in GP14’s. You all seemed to have big smiling faces from the experience. Is it a first? Ralph did not tip Zara in and Craig stayed dry on a visit to Trimpley?

The weekends have proved very successful. It has been great to see the skill level and confidence on the water increase in just two weekends. I know some of you have turned up outside the allotted Sunday morning beginners slot and found help and advice and been on the water on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. This great and just how you should be using your club.  If you would like to go out in a helmed GP14 outside the Sunday morning slot the best course of action is to pre-arrange or just turn-up and see what is available, you would be unlucky not to get out at some point in the day.

A typical Sunday

10-till 11.30 is coaching. A little early to start? Ok during this time period is also a great time to get boats ready for the afternoon. Remember racers need to get their own boats ready so until you are confident to rig boats please come down a little earlier.

11.30 Race crew set up and safety boat is handed over to assigned Crew.

11.30 coaching finishes and the volunteers get their own boats ready to race at 12.00. Some helms may need a crew, don’t miss this chance lots can be learnt. Get together and take a GP out.

12.00 first race starts and power boat is back on the water.

13.00- 13-45 Lunch time bring your picnic or eat snacks in Galley. No safety boat.

14.00 2nd race safety boat back on the water.

15.00-15.15 Tea no safety boat.

15.30 3rd Race Safety boat back on the water.

16.30 Finish Pack all equipment away.

Those wishing to sail GP14’s should now be pairing up to take clubs boats out on your own. Start swapping your contact details and arrange to sail together.