Dinner & Presentation Evening 2023

Sunday, 19 February 2023 Off By stouty

The Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening was at held Bewdley Pines Golf Club on Saturday, April 15. Special thanks to Jo Jones, Mike & Pat Stout for the organisation.

Lots & lots of treasure
worthy winners
Former commodore got rid of the cockerel .. look what he’s got now !
Best double act on the water (and off it !)
Who said we’ve not got any culture ! a very smart Andrew (Andy) Allen
Team work from the Boardman’s
For all the work you do behind the scenes
The very capable Lesley with her jewellery (Ladies plate!)
Oh heck ! He is taller than his Dad !
Its the little cup he wants !
He needs both securicor and a seven & a half tonner !