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Santa Sail 2022

Despite some atrocious weather ( heavy snowfall and no wind ) six brave boats sailed in a variety of ” races ” . In the ” Christmas Pudding Relay Race ” two teams of three battled it out using variety of methods of propulsion to sail to number 1 buoy and back. At least the…

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Trefaldwyn 2022-Results

Eleven boats took part in this year’s event with some close and enjoyable sailing. In the GP 14 class Dave Beechey and Ben Sutton won all three races to take the trophy followed by Simon Fletcher and John Cookson with Lesley Freeman and Nick Harrison in third place . Matthew Chadderton and Peter John sailed…

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Trefaldwyn Trophy 2022

This major trophy event takes place on Saturday, November 5 at 1130 am The series is open to GP14s and Lasers with other boats sailing as a Menagerie class. The first race is at 1130 with 2 races from 3 to count towards the result. There are awards for the Main and Handicap winners as…

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GMT Race times 2022

Greenwich Mean Time starts on Sunday , October 30. Saturday race times remain unaltered at 1330 and 1500 The new race times for Sundays are : Sunday Noon at 1130 am Sunday Main at 1330 and 1500

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Cock ‘O the Wyre 2022

In some closely fought racing ten boats took part in the 2022 Cock ‘O the Wyre race for the iconic ( some might say gaudy trophy ). The series was raced under the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system. In the first race Ian Davies, on his Laser, took first place from Mike Dalziel with Keith Budden…

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Cock ‘O the Wyre

The Cock ‘O the Wyre race series takes place on Saturday , October 8 . First race is at 1130 with 2 races from 3 to count towards the result. The series is open to all classes of boat . The Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system applies.

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