Ralph’s Racing Techniques Saturday 20th May 10.30

Saturday, 13 May 2017 Off By Neil Spokes

Ralph has kindly offered to coach TSC members in racing techniques. He has a few secrets for Trimpley. He is willing to give these secrets away for those that attend only. Never to be published again. Don’t miss out!  The event for Adult sailors on the water fully rigged and ready to go. Any class of boat.  10.30 sharp until 12.15. Please let me know if you will be attending or a maybe. commodore@trimpleysailingclub.co.uk

It will be a fun and informative morning and in time for the GP open. We have all been in races with Ralph and from his outstanding lead position has witnessed our racing style. For new racers, the event can only improve or confirm the correct techniques is used.

Members, the cost is £0.00 Non-members welcome @ £10,000 That is the bargain of the year, don’t miss it and sail faster!

The Galley will be open from 10.00 for Tea and Biscuits and chit-chat. We also have a diver on site to find items dropped from the jetty. Which will be fun to see. Hopefully, any items found will keep the club boats going for a few more years.

Neil Spokes

TSC Commodore

TSC committee accepts no responsibility for getting very wet and having fun while deploying the faster sailing technique. All photography capturing capsizes while implementing what has been taught, will be published to ensure full and complete embarrassment, furthermore for amusement at the 2018 Dinner Dance they will be displayed alongside your newly gained trophies. It should be noted that trophies such as the Cock on the Wye can be won and you take full responsibility of when to use the faster sail technique at Trimpley.