Important: User Accounts

Friday, 25 May 2018 Off By Tom

Important information about privacy and data protection

As part of the club’s responsibilities to protect personal data, and comply with the new GDPR law, the decision has been taken to remove all non-essential user accounts from the website. Unless you are a member with publishing rights you will no longer be able to log in to this website. The contact list has been removed from use, and all personal data has been deleted. The published duty rota will no longer be accessible, but race results will continue to be available.

Although this is a big change, we expect it to have minimal disruption. The club now uses Dutyman for managing duties; you should check the duty rota and arrange swaps via the Dutyman website. Additionally, the club has recently moved to using WebCollect for membership management, making the data at this site redundant. As we settle into the new world of GDPR, we must be willing to make changes, but always with an eye on compliance.